Steph Curry is like Mike?

As we begin to close out the NBA season with the playoffs and entering into the NBA Finals. Once again the topic of "who's the greatest Basketball player" has surfaced, and fans, players, and sports commentators weigh in on the discussion. This year the center of the conversation has been 28-year-old point guard Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors. On Tuesday, May 10th, the NBA announced that Curry was unanimously voted as the most valuable player (MVP) of the year. Once this news was released it instantly spread virally all over sports media, with most people agreeing with the decision.

Since then fans have made critical claims, some more ridiculous than others. I've heard people refer to Steph Curry as "the goat" (greatest of all time), comparing him to Michael Jordan. Is it too soon to make this comparison?

There are several factors that come to mind in order to determine if a player should be considered a Goator not such as; consistency, points scored, points assisted, speed, ball handles, stats, position, and even the overall team. First and foremost Curry is what I call a true point guard, he knows the court and reads each position, pass, and shot thoroughly before just taking them. However MJ was a bonafied shooting guard, who's style resembles more of Kobe and Lebron, because of their versatility with being able to accurately play more than 1 position.

Although Curry does exhibit GOAT like traits, the highlight of his career has only been for 2 years. Curry was drafted into the NBA in 2009, but it wasn't until 2014 that Curry began to shine. Consistency is a key factor when determining if someone should be considered great, because consistency proves that the person can withstand hard times.

I'm confident in Curry's ability to remain consistent throughout the rest of his career, but players are often recognized as great once they've developed a true catalog alongside of their statistics. For years players like Lebron James were ridiculed for not obtaining a championship title and still is devalued by the number of attempts versus completion.

However Lebron James has been in the NBA since 2003 and hasn't gone a single year without recognition of some kind and is the only active player to play in the NBA Finals for five years consecutively.

Everyone has great moments or a good season, but if you don't consistently validate your talents, than you don't deserve the Goat title. Lets watch Steph Curry for a few more seasons,because remaining relevant is a difficult task. Every year new players are drafted, more super star talents emerge, and players get older.

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