In news of the weird, Tennis star Serena Williamsposted an odd snapchat that has fans wondering. The star admitted to eating dog food.

A confusing video

The singer was in Rome for the Italian open and set to face Christina McHale on Thursday for the third round match. The day before, the singer found time to post a three and a half minute video that was the definition of over sharing. In it the singer parades around her dog, Chip, and shows viewers his extravagant room service dog menu where all of the meals cost $15.00. Even Serena admits that the price for the food is far too expensive for a pet.

She then shows viewers the meal of salmon and rice, which actually does look pretty appetizing for dog food, but you can feel that this is a justification for an upcoming admission."Ok, the best thing about Snap is that I don't have hear anybody hating or just like trolling...cause I think this is something you definitely want to hate on," said Williams. "I ate a spoonful."

At the end of the video Williams appears to be doubled over in pain from eating the dog food (surprise, surprise) but still has enough strength to record herself on her cell phone from the perfect angle. As she feigns illness, you can almost hear the internet to do a collective eye-roll. "Lets fast forward to two hours, I just ran to the toilet like, whoo.

I thought I was going to pass out," said Williams. "I don't think its consumable for humans and, um, they should have wrote that!"

What'sreally going on?

As predicted, commenters must have hated on the tennis star because she disabled the comments on YouTube. The question is why tell people something like this?

She's the biggest tennis star in the world, she's won Wimbledon multiple times, traveled all around the world and has legions of fans. Why tell them something that is reserved for your closest friends or for never sharing at all?

The answer could be that she was dared. The video feels like a teenage game of double dare.

She could have been honoring a bet. Another guess could be that she was trying to psyche out McHale. If that's the case, it worked perfectly because Williams won her match on Thursday 7-6, (9-7), (6-1). She's set to face Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova on Saturday.

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