Tributes and praise for Ricardo Lockette, the wide receiver for Seahawks is already on fire on Twitter. Fans already suspected his retirement would follow his serious neck injury so his official retirement that is to be announced shortly had no chance of being kept secret.

Rushed to hospital last November.

When Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette was rushed to hospital with a serious neck injury last November he credited the medics and team coaches with saving his life. After being knocked unconscious in a match in Dallas, by Dallas Cowboy, Jeff Heath, emergency surgery at the Baylor University Medical Centre was done to stabilize his badly injured neck.

Ahead of the announcement.

Ahead of the official announcement Ricardo posted to twitter that all he ever wanted was to “make my teammates, family, and the 12th man proud”. That started the social media tributes and an out-pouring of sympathy for the 29 year-old that had a solid and stable career going for him.

Strong character.

The announcement of his retirement has preceded the official press conference by a day. A tweet by the man himself shows the type of strength of character than people love. Even though he knew his retirement was going happen, and he was forced out of a game he loves through injury, he still posted a message on twitter that applies to everyone who faces adversity.

At the time, some fans thought that maybe there was still a chance he would make it back into the game, but this was sadly not going happen.

He is the kind of man who was suffering from his own problems but he still found the time to care about people worse off than him. In March he posted about one of the projects he was looking forward to attending.

A lifelong dream.

There is a sadness permeating the departure of Ricardo, made all the more poignant by his Twitter profile message from 2001, where he wrote, “NFL WR for the Seattle Seahawks.

Follow me on my journey as I am living my lifelong dream.” His lifelong dream to play for the Seattle Seahawks and the NFL has now ended, but the strength of character shines through. It has been a difficult time and the injury he sustained was very difficult to work through, but the footballer will, surely take to heart the messages on Twitter that encourage him to look beyond Football.

Destined for sporting excellence.

Ricardo will turn 30 this month. He always loved sports and played college football for Fort Valley State University. His sporting potential as a young man was destined to take him to fame and he demonstrated this as a young man when he competed exceptionally well at track sprint events. Tyree Price, track trainer at Fort Valley said that he was great athlete who had the potential for Olympic selection.

What will he do next?

So far there is no news about what Ricardo plans to do with the rest of his life, but we know, as he said two weeks after his injury, that there will not be a “Pity Party,” According to a post on twitter, His injury accounted for 50% of his retirement decision.

Whatever he does, the fans salute him; wish him well and hope that he can live a new dream.

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