One of the nation's most fascinating and well visited events that will bring millions of spectators tothe Napa Valley, California greens.The PGA Tour will be hosted at the lovely Silverado Resort and Spa and will be sponsored by Safeway Food and Wine Pavillion.The Silverado Pavillion is a 27,000 sft. tent, which, during the tour's gala celebrations, the main event will featured. Delicious delicacies prepared by Safeway's world renowned chefs, Charlie Palmer, Thom Keller, and Masarahu Moritmo of the Safeway Culinary Experience are among the fine foods that will be available.

PGA Tour kicking off in October

The most talentedgroup ofstar, pro-golfers to ever walkthe hillygreens will soon gather. Since 2007, changes madeby the commissionwillbe reflected at the FedEx Cup, this year, as Safeway Storessponsorship marks the start of the9th annual Safeway Open.

Based on information provided by the PGA commission and commissioner, Tim Fincher, players from around thenation will gather in Napa Valleyjust 90 miles north westof the former PGA games at San Martin, California. The games thatformerly kicked off in San Martin at the Corde Valley Golf Club, will now be locatedat Silverado each year for the next 4 years.

Playing a role in the PGA Tournament has championed causes forSafeway Foodsand the PGA.

According to Safeway Stores owners, therole the company hasplayed has made it possible to extend philanthropic support to the Napa community. Safeway officers commented that it is a more than generous charity of the PGA that has beenthe substance of the greatest and most appreciated giftsgiven by the Napa areacontributors.

As a result of the PGA Tour this year, Safeway Stores and the PGA Commission will pour more than 1 million dollars into helping with economic and other areas of needdesigned to support the well-being and the best interest ofthe residents and city leadersof Napa Valley.

Prior to 2007

The effort to bring the PGA Tour to the valley had not been any less than complex,according to Kathy Kolde and former sponsor Chr.

John Fry. While burning the midnight oil, PGA Commissioners spent the last 8 years workingto raise $6 million dollars toassistbenefactor communities.

This year's Safeway PGA Tour will be host to 125 of the nation's champion golfers. Among the top in the tournament areJasonDay whostands at +1, 2040 points and 3 wins, Adam Scott, at -1, 1348 points and 2 wins, Russel Knox settling in at +1, 1350 points and 0 wins, Brad Snedeker with a -1, 1300 points and 1 win and Kevin Chappel with +10, 1223 points and zero wins.

Other players in the top ten position are Justin Thomas, Kevin Kisner, Patrick Read, Hideikei Matsuyama and Jordan Speth.

These players will complete in47 separate categories and 43 events before the finalists qualify to compete in the 4 8 million dollar events -- the preliminaries in which the players will compete to win a portion of the $32million dollar award in addition to the FedEx Cup.

In October, the games that startwith a total of 125 professionals will tee off at the Barclays Tour, New York at New Jersey and will advance to the Duetsche Bank Championship in Boston with 100 players. The tour will arrive at Carmel with 70 players competing in the BMW Championship. It is in Carmel at theBMW Championship that only 1 player will win out over the final 30 golfers who will move to the Atlanta, Coca Cola championship to compete for the Cup.

This year's PGA pros are seeking a matchedfor the expert golf game of pros whohave left a lasting mark on the American public. Golf fans recall Lee Trevino and Arnold Palmer amongthe greatest, but the game of golf would not be what it is today without the display of talent and ability and the winning style of multi-cup winner, Tiger Woods.

Woods is the champ who took home the top awards in the very first Safeway PGA tour in 2007. Again in 2009, Woods would emerge as the victor over some 150 pro-golfers.

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