Russia: The opening match for the USA against Canada in the International Ice Hockey Federations 2016 World Championship saw the Canadians sweep to a 5-1 win. The 18-year-old center, Auston Matthews managed to get in nearly 17 minutes of play according to Fox Sports. Matthews played the fast and skillful game that has him touted to be the top pick for the NHL Draft next month.

A very fast game.

Auston wore his favorite #34 jersey for the first world championship game of his life. Coach Hynes said that Auston’s play on the “puck was good” and the aim now is to help him “manage his game” so the USA can start to win some matches.

The game was very fast and Auston confirmed this after the match. He attributed some of his better play to the fact that he had played a season on big ice in the Swiss League.

Born to play hockey.

Auston was born to play hockey and by the age of just two, was regularly watching the Phoenix Coyotesgames. By the time he was six years old he was playing the game himself. He started off playing in the Arizona Bobcats minor hockey program. It was his passion even though his father Brian said that Auston also played a very good game of Baseball.

Record breaker.

Auston first came to the attention of NHL ice-hockey scouts when he played for the U.S. National U17 Team (USDP). Moving on up, he made some impressive play in the U.S.

National U18 Team. He topped the Patrick Kane’s record of 102 points when he claimed first place in league scoring, with an incredible 116 points from 55 goals and 61 assists.

Swiss League.

Missing the cut-off date of birth by just two days, to play for selection for the2015 NHL Entry Draft, he spent some valuable time playing SwissNational League Afor theZSC Lions on a one-year contract.

The time that he spent on the big ice there was an invaluable experience for the 2016 IIHF championship.

The first game was lost, but there is plenty more action ahead for Auston to show his speed, courage and nifty offensive talent in the rest of the tournament.

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