Real Madrid and Barcelona, who may be going through a small crisis at the moment, have once again asserted dominance in the footballing world as their estimated values easily surpassed the $3 billion mark.

Manchester United.

Manchester United have managed to remain the third-richest club in the world, proving that their on-field worries have little financial effect thanks to their record-breaking sponsorship deals that generate immense resources.The fact that the Red Devils have generated more operating income than any other club on the list should therefore come as little surprise.

The English dominance.

Meanwhile, Bayern Munich's steady growth is yet to bear fruit, as they once again find themselves in the fourth place, well behind the Red Devils.

On the other hand, despite largely disappointing results in international competitions, the English clubs have continued their dominance in the lower brackets of the top 10 category, as Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool take up places 5, 6, 7 and 8, respectively.

Juventus, the only Italian representative, and Tottenham Hotspur make up the remaining two spots in the top 10 category, meaning half of the richest 10 clubs are still located in England.

Year to year growth.

In terms of year-to-year growth, Tottenham, Liverpool, Arsenal and Juventus boast the best results with their one-year value changes exceeding the 50 percent mark. The year-to-year growth looks to be paying off for Liverpool, since Jurgen Klopp has reportedly been promised substantial funds to rebuild his squad in the summer.

However, it is perhaps more interesting that the top 10 clubs have managed to further distance themselves from the rest, paving theway for new rumors regarding the formation of a European Super League.

Top ten absences.

The most notable top 10 absentees include Borussia Dortmund (11th on the list), Paris Saint-Germain (13th) and this year's Champions League finalists Atletico Madrid (15th).

Meanwhile, Italian giants AC Milan and Inter Milan have taken up the lowly 12th and 16th place, respectively, as yet another disappointing season in Milano comes to an end. Roma and Napoli come in 18th and 19th place on this year's list, but given their poor financial results, it is not hard to imagine them outside of the top 20 next year, as English clubs continue their astute financial performances.

After all, West Ham United have already surpassed them and taken up the 17th place on the rich list.

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