The Spanish Tennis star Rafael Nadalis definitely crossing one of the most fruitful time stretches in recentyears. Last season, Nadal went through a very disappointing time-lapse. The 7-month absence from the ATP circuit has made its mark both on his ranking and also on his game.

A dangerous downward spiral

In the second half of last season, the Spaniard dropped to 10th place in the ATP ranking and his results within tournaments were far from his standards and fans` expectations.This season began with the same inconclusive pace. Many voices have bet that things will be totally different during the clay season, and Nadal will regain his lost glow.

And there they were right.

The clay outburst

After an unexpected drop in Miami caused by excessive heat and humidity, former ATP leader began the spring clay court season totally changed. The outcomehas reified into two titles in a row, namely Monte Carlo and Barcelona. Within Madrid Masters, Nadal already qualified for the 3rd round and things look increasingly better.The series of consecutive wins gives Spaniard a lot more consistency. In the first matchat Madrid, played against Andrey Kuznetsov (39 ATP),Rafael Nadal handled things gently without making any double fault throughout the whole encounter. The match was totally under the Spaniard`s control who has won it by two symmetrical sets 6-3 6-3.

The fate seems to smile in Nadal`s yard. On his half main draw, the opponents easier to overcome, once Roger Federer withdrew from the tournament due to a sudden back injury.

The 11th wins in a row

As the figures show, it seems that `The King of Clay` returned to reclaim his lost kingdom. And for him, to get this job done, there are a couple of interesting battles ahead.

If he makes it to the semifinals, he will face a potential clash with Andy Murray ( 2 ATP). In the final, in Nadal`s way might step up Novak Djokovic ( 1 ATP) or Stan Wawrinka ( 4 ATP). Of course, there is plenty of room for other potential opponents.

Undoubtedly, the winning streakhelps Rafael Nadal (5 ATP) to build up a capital of self-confidence for whatever it comes next.

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