The clay season is heading towards its climax, namely the French Open.After two months spent on the European clay tournaments, all eyes will be focused onRoland Garros. In the men`s singles contest, within the main draw, will be 128 highly motivated Tennis players, determined to put up all the mastery, skill and strength that they can provide in order to taste even a bit of fame and recognition. The tournament will be a genuine tennis display judging by the fact that all the ATP top players will attend this event. The injured have kept themselves aside, as there are preconditions for a tennis tournament of a high quality.

Searching for the lost crown

So far, during the spring season on clay, Rafael Nadal managed to gather two trophies, and also a series of wins that have boosted his morale in a significant way. By being successful in Monte Carlo and Barcelona, and also with a fairly consistent pace throughout Rome, Rafael Nadal bought himself a huge stock of morale and self-confidence for whatever comes next. Basically, the last two months have been a breath of oxygen that Nadal desperately needed. At the Roland Garros, undoubtedly, Rafael Nadal will target the highest peak. And he has plenty of reasons. A nine times winner of the French Open, the Spaniard will try to regain his lost crown in Paris.Two years have passed since his last success at the French Open - a chunk of time during which he went through terrible moments.

Last year's injury that kept him away from the tennis court for seven months stands as indisputable proof. Somehow, Nadal managed to regain his pace throughout this spring clay season.

A special bond

If there is any reason to question Nadal`s greatness, the very next argument will dismantle it. The King of Clay has a special bond with the French Open.

This particular tournamentwas his very first title at Grand Slam level. It happened back in 2005.

It also represented some kind of breakthrough for Nadal. The same thing has happened to others brilliant players, namely Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Federer won his first Grand Slam at Wimbledon back in 2003.

The relationship became special and Federer won 7 times at Wimbledon throughout his career. Djokovic won his first Major at the 2008 Australian Open. The same type of relationship has been established there. So far, the Serb managed to collect a total of 6 titles in Melbourne.

It can be seen that a genius DNA trace is present in the case of these three players. With that in mind, and also with this spring results, Nadal may hope for the best at the 2016 Roland Garros.

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