Both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadalidentify themselves with the best history files of professional Tennis written in the last decade. But time has not stood still. Its effects upon these two are increasinglyvisible- the signs of the epic battles they went through in every corner of the world, on any surface, be it clay, grass, carpet, or hard start to surface. And the first being sucked in within this downward spiral is, no mistake, their bodies.

Federer is struggling.

Regarding Nadal's case, it is not the first medical issue the Spaniard needs to deal with. On the other hand, Roger Federer is having a horrible year.

In over a decade of playing tennis at the highest level possible, the Swiss managed to stay away from the physical problems for most of the time. Now, as he prepares to undertake the final assault, in the year he turns 35, his body is betraying him. The knee injury followed by two months of recovery was just the beginning. An old back-related medical issue made its `repertoire` again keeping Federer out of the French Open. The 17 times Grand Slam winner has a balance not very pleasant in this season, at least for now - only 4 tournaments played and no title yet.

Nadal meets up with bitterness.

The Spaniard, nine-times French Open champion, was forced to withdraw due to aleft wrist injury. During this clay season, he managed to clinch a title in Monte Carlo and another one in Barcelona.

Overall, he played with lots of consistency and his hopes for a new triumph in Paris were well-grounded.His left wrist, unfortunately, didn`t stick to the plan. At the 2016 Roland Garros, Nadal started well with two wins in straight sets. During the announcement regarding his withdrawal, Nadal stated that he used some injections in order to control the pain but this strategy was abandoned when he faced the potential follow up - the tendon might get broken.

In the light of this new developments, even Wimbledon is questionable.

Djokovic will remain without solid opposition.

Federer and Nadal have gathered together 31 Grand Slam titles. But their age is about to fade away, thus leading to Djokovic's rise as the undisputed rain maker.Despite being an awful scenario, it might happen sooner than people think.

It isn`t a tragedy that Nadal and Federer are actually getting older, but the fact that there are not that many players able to fill their shoes can induce some sadness.

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