Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn is going to try to break into the literary world as she is writing her own book.The book’s current working title is “Strong Is the New Beautiful.”

Vonn hopes that by sharing her life story with the world, she can help her female readers “find their strong,” as she described in a press release. According to Vonn in a statement, the book is meant to instruct readers on how to obtain and retain their own strength, as well as focusing on the importance of natural beauty, and is aimed at people interested in fitness at all points, whether it be a professional or someone trying to start a new health regime for their lives.

The book is expected to be more than just Vonn’s own autobiography, and it is expected to contain tips for training and nutrition, and will also feature photos of Vonn. Added to that, it is designed to serve as the "perfect companion" to help readers live their lives to the fullest.According to the publisher, Harper Collins, the book is expected to come out in October later this year.

The life of Lindsey Vonn

A Minnesotanative, born Lindsey Caroline Kildow, Vonn first made headlines after winning the Trofeo Topolino competition in Italy at the age of 14.

It was in 2002, however, that she first became an Olympian, competing at the Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah, and eventually winning two medals, a gold medal and a bronze, during the 2010 season, which took place in Vancouver, Canada, which can be seen below.

Beforehand, she also won the World Cup in 2008, and continued to do so for three consecutive years, having won 60 World Cup victories over the course of her professional career.

For many, however, Vonn's biggest claim to fame was a brief romance with famed professional golfer Tiger Woods, follwoing his divorce from wife, Elin Nordegren.

While the two likely started the relationship in 2012, they only made it public in 2013, and even then, it had eventually broken up in 2015. Beforehand, she was married toThomas Vonn, who is also a professional skier, and from whom she obtained her current professional name from, from 2007 to 2011.

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