The Oakland Raiders are looking for a new stadium since the Coliseum in Oakland is dilapidated and has to be shared with professional baseball team the Oakland A’s. Talks of moving to a new city have been lingering for a couple of years. Lately, rumors have it that the Raiders could move to Las Vegas since proposals have been thrown out there.Still, the move to Nevada is considered a risk for many owners of the NFL, and it would be sad to see a classic Football team leave its home town of Oakland. Yes, the Raiders left for Los Angeles back in the 1980s, but they returned to their hometown in the mid 90s.

However, owner Mark Davis has expressed that he would move the Raiders to Las Vegas if things look good. Davis stated that he feels that Las Vegas would act as a middle ground for the Raider Nation that is mostly from Oakland and a huge chunk of it is also from Los Angeles.

Raiders have permission to move

Last year, the league gave the thumbs up for the Raiders to move, but the move was only authorized for a move to Los Angeles. This move was confirmed only if the City of Oakland could not find a viable plan to keep the Silver and Black.Additionally, the Raiders could only move to Los Angeles if they were willing to share a stadium with the Los Angeles Rams who also got the permission to relocate from St.

Louis. The Rams are building a new state-of-the art stadium in Inglewood and expressed in sharing their stadium.

The Raiders rejected sharing a stadium in Inglewood and wanted one of their own, which did not work out. Now, the San Diego Chargers decided to take the sharing spot with the Rams, depending on if San Diego cannot come up with a plan within a year.

Risky move to Las Vegas

Most NFL owners do not like the idea of having a professional team in such close proximity to a gambling place like Las Vegas. That alone, makes most people and sports analysts that the owners of the league will not approve for the Oakland Raiders to relocate to the gambling desert oasis.

Also, many think that the Raiders will lose a huge chunk of their very loyal fan base known as the Raider Nation. According to Davis, Las Vegas will bring the Raider Nation together since the Oakland fans and Los Angeles fans are always debating of having the team at their respective city, especially lately since the Raiders are very likely to leave Oakland.

The advantages of moving to Las Vegas

New England Patriot owner Robert Kraft stated that a move to Nevada for the Raiders would not be so bad. Kraft predicts that a lot of fans from the opposing team would love to go to Las Vegas to watch their team play the Raiders. In other words, Kraft insinuated that Las Vegas is a better town to visit than Oakland.

The idea that fans from the opposing teams coming more than usual would definitely be a good thing for the Raiders. This would only mean that more money would come in for the team and the city, not that Las Vegas really needs it, but it would benefit both. To conclude, this whole idea in relocating for the Oakland Raiders is still up in the air, but this option has been the best one to possibly materialize so far for the Silver and Black.

The Raiders would also have a brand new state of the art stadium and new fans would definitely be made. As Davis stated, Las Vegas would act as a neutral zone for the old fans and the trip to see their team from California would not be far.

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