When Luis Severino exited the game that was lost to the White Sox on Friday, he was sent for an MRI that revealed he is suffering from a mild right triceps strain. Although other team members have said he will not play any baseball for the next week, the minor injury seems not to be the reason for his devastatingly bad performance lately.

Joe Girardi irritated.

ESPN reported that following the match, Joe Girardi displayed some irritation when questioned about Severino’s poor performance. “Bottom line – he had no command,” Girardi said. Severino, with a 7.46 ERA is the only qualified starter in the MLB with an ERA above 7.00 this season.

Girardi had previously made comments to the effect that Severino would come right, but when he exited the game with anapparently minor injury after 2 2/3 IP and 81 pitches thrown, the question needs to be addressed: Is it time to demote him and move another player into the slot?

Chad Green opportunity.

There has been speculation that Chad Green could be brought into play, at least while Severino is off on DL. Twitter chatter speculation is betting on Green, who is a strong right-hander. Jon Morosi of MLB Network and FOX Sports tweeted that this will happen.

Fans are disappointed with Severino's performance.

The Yankees were already thinking about their options with Severino earlier in May, as his performance was not where it should be.

Disappointed fans kept waiting for the performance turn around. It was reported by David Blumberg that the supposed top pitcher was not pitching well and that Jon Heyman had speculated on WFAN AM, that something had to be done as the young pitcher has been struggling with his game. Nevertheless, D.J Short, senior baseball writer felt that there was still some hope before Friday’s loss.

Sadly, this was not to be. Fact – even before he left the pitch with his injury, his play was a disaster. New York Post described Severino’s 2016 season as a “Nightmare on East 161st Street.”

Rising Star.

It seems that the rising star has fallen and though he is young and still has a future ahead of him, for The New York Yankees, it is high time to make a call on just what they are going to do with Severino.

At the very least, his demotion looks likely to be on the cards for the man who was once considered The New York Yankee’s top prospect.

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