Orlando Magic name new head coach

After some speculation along and around the revolving coach carousel, it appears that the Orlando Magic have finally settled on the man they want to lead their bench and guide their roster of young talent into the future. Former Indiana Pacers head coach Frank Vogel has agreed to take the job in Orlando. With a young core that includes the likes of Victor Oladipo, Evan Fournier, and others, the Magic certainly look like a promising team full of young talent even if they haven't tasted any true success since Dwight Howard's departure. The Magic organization does feel as though Vogel is the right man for the job, and the right man to lead these young men night in and night out from the bench.

We'll see how this move pans out come next season.

Cleveland Cavaliers remain unbeaten, Toronto flailing

While it's true that team expectations, fan expectations, and expectations in general are through the stratosphere when it comes to any LeBron James-led team, it's safe to say that expectations at the start of this season were even more astronomical considering the Cavs' loss in last year's finals. After a shaky start, a coaching change, and some interpersonal drama, the Cavaliers have come together stronger than ever at the time of year when it matters most. With their most recent Playoff victory, not only do they remain unbeaten in these 2016 Playoffs, but they also inch that much closer to handing the Toronto Raptors another loss, booting them, and ultimately making a return trip to the NBA Finals.

As for Toronto, they need to get themselves together and think of something quick if they hope to compete and give themselves a chance in this series. While they are certainly not completely out of it by any stretch, they've certainly dug themselves into quite a hole that will be difficult to dig out of under any circumstance -- let alone the Eastern Conference Finals.

More and more it seems as though fans can expect a finals rematch between the Cavaliers and Warriors -- unless the Thunder or the Raptors have something to say about it.

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