Cleveland Cavaliers

For LeBron James and the Cavaliers, the pressure couldn't be higher in terms of bringing a championship to the starved city of Cleveland. In many ways, LeBron James is the prodigal son, the hometown hero looking to bring glory to the city. To borrow a term from Game of Thrones, "the prince that was promised." Although, in James' case, the King.

There's no doubt that the Cavaliers are hungry and eager to exact revenge on their rivals in the Bay that stole glory away from them last season, and, as that's the case, this will no doubt serve as extra motivation once the opening tip is thrown in the air.

There's also the fact that last year, the Cavaliers were undermanned, and thus, LeBron James' heroics were not enough to push past the Warriors, but, with a healthy Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving to help carry the load this year, it may ultimately make for a different storyline altogether.

Golden State Warriors

For the Warriors,repeating this season would put the exclamation point on what has been thus far a magical season. Whether it's breaking the '95-'96 Chicago Bulls regular season winning record with 73 wins, another MVP award for Steph Curry, or the way that they fought back tooth and nail in the Oklahoma City series to overcome a 3-1 deficit, a number of factors would make winning it all this year that much sweeter for the team, the franchise, and the fans.

All eyes on the basketball world's biggest stage

It can be argued that, after coming back from such an emotional 7 game series, the Warriors will be the team that's ready to go at the tip on Thursday. The Cavaliers have had a relatively easy go of it in this year's Playoffs, sweeping their first two series and then taking care of business with Toronto.

Will the Warriors repeat as NBA Champions, and, in so doing, cement the legacy they are trying to build in the Bay? Or, will the King finally be able to get over the hump and bring a championship home to the city of Cleveland? There is a lot on the line, as the pressure couldn't be higher to capture the most coveted prize in all of Basketball.

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