With the Summer not too far away, and with it, looming free agency, the NBA world is buzzing as coaches, executives, owners, and fans vie for the top talent in this year's pool. While it's no secret that the top prize heading into the Summer season is Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star Kevin Durant, there are more than a few key role players on the table that have the capacity to help any team they are on -- maybe one of these players will be the missing piece a prospective team needs to take their gameplay and championship aspirations to the next level.

Harrison Barnes

At 6"8, with the ability to defend, space the floor, and hit the outside shot, Harrison Barnes is a key role player eligible to test the free agency waters this Summer.

While it seems almost silly to want to leave the Golden State Warriors after the kind of run they've been on for two years running -- and with the possibility of adding back-to-back titles to their resume -- it's not entirely out of the question that Barnes may want to take his talent elsewhere. With emphasis on the team game, Barnes has had to sacrifice minutes and individual numbers for the benefit of the collective, it stands to reason that he may want a bigger spotlight to play under somewhere else.

Ryan Anderson

Anderson provides instant offense and a big body on the floor for whatever team he plays for. He embodies everything fans love about the stretch 4, with the ability to knock down the outside shot and put up big numbers when the pressure's on and the game is on the line.

He has had several 20+ point games in his career, and while he isn't an All-Star level talent, he is a cut above your average role player that will benefit any team that has him on their roster.

Hassan Whiteside

While Whiteside has had some issues with consistency, he has been a walking double-double this season for the Miami Heat, with a handful of games with 20+ rebounds and 7+ blocks.

What Whiteside lacks in offense, he more than makes up for with defense, rebounding, and a commanding presence in the paint. He has emerged as a dominant force for Miami, so it wouldn't be surprising if the Heat are looking to re-sign their Center.

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