Re-match for all the marbles, most coveted prize in all of basketball

After their thrilling series last year that ended with the Golden State Warriors being crowned NBA Champions (for the first time in 40 years), the stage is set for those same Warriors to take on the same opponents they beat last year to win it all: the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Easy Playoff run for the Cavs

Other than the series with the Toronto Raptors, the Cleveland Cavaliers have yet to truly be tested in these Playoffs, as they managed to sweep their first two opponents without really breaking a sweat. LeBron James and company gear up to face the same team that took away their title hopes last season, however, the one thing that the Cavaliers may be able to hang their collective headbands on this season is the fact that they faced the Warriors last year severely under-manned, whereas they have a full and healthy roster going into this series.

LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving are all healthy heading into this series, but, will it be enough to stop the Warriors from repeating as NBA Champions in these NBA Finals?

Tough road for Golden State Warriors

After a record-setting regular season that saw the team notch 73 wins, these Playoffs haven't exactly been a cake walk for these Warriors. MVP Stephen Curry was sidelined with various injuries for 3 weeks during Golden State's Playoff run, not to mention the thrilling, nail-biting series with the Oklahoma City Thunder that saw the Warriors come back from a 3-1 deficit to take the series in the decisive Game 7 at Oracle Arena in Oakland. The series with the Thunder was the first time that the Warriors have truly been tested, and they were able to claw their way back to win thanks to the "Splash Brothers" and their collective marksmanship from beyond the arc.


It's a term that's applied a lot to the game of Basketball, and to sports in general, and, as we head into these NBA Finals, there are two distinct storylines that have yet to be written.Will LeBron James overcome the adversity necessary to bring a Championship home to Cleveland as he has promised?

Or, will this be just another empty trip to the Finals for the King?For the Warriors, will they be able to repeat as NBA Champions and further cement the legacy they hope to build in the Bay? Or, will their record-breaking, awe-inspiring season of basketball result in coming away empty handed on the basketball world's biggest stage?

Catch the opening game of the 2016 NBA Finals Thursday on ABC.

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