Dwight Howard on the move...again?

You don't need a detailed stat sheet or in-depth look at Dwight Howard's last few seasons to realize that he has undoubtedly been on the decline. His days of being a dominant center and of contending every year for Defensive Player of the Year honors seem like nothing more than a distant memory. It's no secret that his best days were in Orlando, and everything else since then has been a let down.

His one year in LA alongside Kobe Bryant was a disaster, and his years playing with James Harden have been no better. If Houston thought that he and Harden would be the one-two punch they needed to bring Houston out of the muck of mediocrity and back to the promised land, management, ownership, and the fan base at large have been sorely mistaken.

Dallas Mavericks interested in acquiring Howard?

Even with his dwindling numbers and off-court antics, it has been reported that the Dallas Mavericks may be interested in acquiring the former All-Star and Defensive Player of the Year. With an aging Dirk Nowitzki, it makes sense that the Mavericks would be looking to make the necessary moves in the coming years to bring their franchise back to contention, but, is Howard the way to do it?

At 30, it's certainly reasonable that Howard still has some gas in the tank, maybe even a good 3-4 more years of playing within him. That said, one has to wonder if banking on him is the best move for the Mavs. If they can find a way to somehow revitalize the big man and keep him motivated, there's no doubt that he can certainly make an impact and make his presence felt just by being on the floor.

At this point, that's a big if, but, if the deal ultimately goes through, and if the franchise can find a way to get through to Howard and get him to buy in to their philosophy, it's certainly possible for him to give them a lift and produce.

As of right now, Dwight Howard has yet to make a decision.

it's likely that he will test the free agent waters, and, ultimately, we will just have to wait and see where he'll wind up.

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