Cleveland Cavaliers headed back to the NBA Finals

It's safe to say that there was little doubt that this would be the case. While the Cavaliers did have some inconsistency issues throughout the season, they have certainly kept the machine well oiled while working out the kinks and being at the top of their game when it counts the most. After the firing of coach David Blatt earlier in the regular season, there were certainly some questions left unanswered in terms of who would lead the team and make the necessary changes. With Tyron Lue stepping in and taking the reigns, the Cavaliers have really turned a corner of late.

Add to this the fact that Kevin Love has experienced something of a resurgence, as he is playing the inspired brand of Basketball fans haven't really seen since he was in a Timberwolves uniform. On top of this, Point Guard Kyrie Irving is back in the drivers seat and playing like his old self prior to suffering a season ending injury in last year's finals that some say cost the Cavs the championship.

And then, of course, there's LeBron James. Although he has only won it all twice, you certainly can't knock the amount of times he's managed to reach the top of the mountain and given himself and his team a chance to win. Essentially, LeBron James-led teams have managed to reach the NBA Finals every year since he took his talent to South Beach and back again to Cleveland.

One can certainly argue that there isn't a ton of tough competition in the East to challenge the kind of monopoly James had had in the last years when it comes to reaching the basketball world's biggest stage. That said, even with those accomplishments and accolades, LeBron James-led teams also come with the championship or bust mentality.

Essentially, no matter how many times James has made it to the Finals and competed for a title, it's essentially all for naught without hoisting the trophy in the end.

With a healthy Kyrie Irving, an inspired Kevin Love, and LeBron James being LeBron James, the Cavs certainly have the chance to bring a championship to Cleveland, all they have to do now is wait in the wings as the Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors duke it out for the chance to face the Cavs for the ultimate prize in all of basketball.

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