NBA referees are being heavily criticized for blowing calls. One example of a blown call occurred in the Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Game 1 last night when Russell Westbrook traveled before calling a time out in the last 17 seconds of the game. Of course, the Warriors lost game 1 against the Thunder, and the refs are being criticized for it.

The league had also admitted that the refs missed the call on Westbrook’s traveling during the first game of the Western Conference Finals last night. However, the Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr, who threw a fit during the game when the Westbrook’s infraction occurred, stated that it does not matter that the league admits to the blown call.

Kerr stated that his team still lost the game, no matter the fact that the refs did not blow the whistle.

What Has Been Done

The NBA has been more truthful about their refs blowing calls lately. Because of the inconsistency of blown calls, the league now issues a two-minute report for every close game. The two minutes in the report are the last two of the game and every call is analyzed within those minutes.

Many players, like Dwayne Wade and LeBron James have expressed their feeling about the two-minute reports. Both players dislike the reports mostly due to the fact that only the last calls from the last moments of the game are analyzed. This implies that pivotal calls could have been blown in other parts of a game but are not analyzed.

Again, Golden State Warriors Coach Steven Kerr also told the press that he does not care what the league thinks about the blown call. Kerr told the league that his team still lost despite admitting that a blown call was overlooked.

In Reality

The truth is that referees are human and they will make mistakes.

How often mistakes could obviously be an issue, but they will occur no matter what. NBA officials already review many calls throughout the game, so reviewing is nothing new to the league. Still, mistake happen, and players and fans need to know that they will continue.

It will always come down to a referee’s discretion when defining a game.

So, the league, despite being criticized, should most likely not admit its mistakes anymore. If they do admit to blown calls, then so what! The outcome of the game will not be change and that a sure fact.

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