In a tragic accident on Sunday 22nd May, two spectators were injured and another one died at a Cambridge Motocross event in the Waikato, New Zealand. The Cambridge MX track which is on Rowling Place in Leamington, Cambridge happened at the round 2 of the MX competition. Reports hit the media around 3.30pm, according to the NZHerald, about 2 hours after the accident.

Appeal for fans to stay off social media.

On the Cambridge Motocross Facebook page, a short statement about the tragic incident was posted, along with an appeal for fans to please contact the Police with images or videos of the incident, whilst appealing to them to please not post anything on their facebook networks.

So far, it seems that people who were there are respecting the calls made.

Joint investigation.

Apart from some mainstream media coverage of the story, there is very little out there on social networks. When the last vehicles left at around 4.30 pm, following firefighters and rescue helicopter attendance, the gates were locked down. NZ Work Safe and the Police will handle the investigations. In an interview with StuffNZ, Police spokesperson Hywel Jones confirmed that a bike had left the track and crashed into some spectators. He went on to explain that the case will be investigated. “It will be a joint investigation with Work NZ.” He also confirmed that"unfortunately, it resulted in someone being killed.”

Sports town.

Cambridge is on the North Island of New Zealand and is known as the town of Trees & Champions.

The town is home to a number of sports organizations that include cycling, kayaking, and other high-performance events. The town also hosts the annual hydroplane racing as part of the New Zealand Grand Prix Circuit and has been home to at least six Olympic medalists.


The track MX is fast, with plenty of bends, curves, and high-riding humps.

If a bike leaves it and there are spectators in the way, someone is going to get hurt for sure. It is always a tragedy when people die in sports. One fan posted on Facebook about how sad it is that someone died, but also mentioned her sadness for the competitor because dealing with death, even inadvertent death is traumatic.

Worksafe New Zealand.

WorkSafe New Zealand, who will be investigating the incident alongside the Police, is the Health & Safety(H&S) regulator of the country. They became a stand-alone regulator for H&S after the methane explosion at the Pike River Mine disaster in 2010.

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