It seems almost blasphemous to even think that, come next season, the Purple & Gold will be without Kobe Bryant. For the past 20 seasons, Bryant has become synonymous with Los Angeles Lakers Basketball, but, now that that curtain has closed, it's time to usher in another era for the team, the fans, and the basketball world at large.

Ushering in a new era of Los Angeles basketball

With the recent firing of former Lakers head coach Byron Scott, its been reported that former Lakers player and current Golden State Warriors assistant coach Luke Walton has agreed to a multi-year deal to coach his old team.

That said, even with Walton's championship pedigree and tutelage, there's no denying the fact that the current Los Angeles roster -- while abundant in talent -- is very raw and in need of guidance. Below is a list of free agents with the potential to suit up and take the floor inside the Staples Center next season:

Kevin Durant

Easily the most prized free agent heading into this Summer, it's the Wild West of the NBA rumor mill when it comes to debating where KD may eventually wind up. Despite the one-two punch that both Westbrook and Durant provide the Thunder, there's no glossing over the fact that the duo has yet to get over the hump and legitimately compete for a title. While there is a chance that Durant may stay with the Thunder, he has also been tied to the Washington Wizards and the San Antonio Spurs.

Harrison Barnes

The 6"8 Warriors wingman has been crucial to Golden State's overall success. While Barnes has certainly had to sacrifice his individual numbers for the benefit of the collective, there's no denying the dividends that has paid. However, if, by some chance Barnes is looking for more of a starring role, there's no better place for him to do that than in Hollywood, and his team-first mindset would no doubt fit in well with the young core of Julius Randle and D'Angelo Russell.

Al Horford

With the Atlanta Hawks getting pummeled by the Cleveland Cavaliersin the Playoffs, it may be time for long-time Center Al Horford to pack his bags and take his skills with him to Southern California. While Horford isn't as explosive a player as he used to be, he is still a consistent, productive player, and his presence in the paint is bound to help any team he's on.

With the Roy Hibbert fiasco that the Lakers recently endured, they could certainly use some help at the 5 position.

Ultimately, while the post-Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers picture is still far from materializing, it'll be interesting to see what that will eventually look like once the pieces fall into place and everything comes into focus.

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