Yesterday, a new page in English football history was written. What started as a dream somewhere last fall materialized in the end as one of the biggest surprises in the history of Premier League and beyond. The small team from Leicester managed somehow, against all odds, to become thechampion in the Premier League despite the fact that there are two rounds left to play.

Two draws that have made history

The results recorded within the 36th stage made this amazing achievement a certainty. Leicester had a crucial match against Manchester United. However, motivated by the prospect of the title, the players managed to snatch a precious draw at Old Trafford.

Businesses could not conclude if Tottenham managed to win at Stamford Bridge. And the odds were on the Leicester`s side. Chelsea Londra, one of the forces in the Premier League in the last 10 years practically threw the trophy in Leicester's yard. Tottenham needed a victory in facing rivals at Stamford Bridge in order to keep their chances alive. The match started with Spurs being offensive, thefact quickly materialized on the scoreboard. Tottenham took the lead 2-0, but Chelsea somehow remembered it is a redoubtable team, especially at home, and eventually managed to level the score during the second-half. The draw kept the 7 points gap between Leicester and Spurs, and Claudio Ranieri's team mathematically became the new champion of the Premier League.

What stood behind this amazing success?

Any success story, regardless the area of interest, needs a so-called recipe. When it comes to the Leicester team, the key to success was undoubtedly the group cohesion, that team spirit grounded in collective effort and not necessarily based upon the qualities of a small number of players.

At the beginning of the season, Leicester City was the kind of team with themain purpose of avoiding relegation. What followed was undoubtedly the merit of the whole group: the coaching and medical staff, the avid supporters, all put their mark in some way to the final outcome.

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