Mike D'Antoni going to Houston

The Houston Rockets and Mike D'Antoni are finalizing an agreement to allow the well traveled NBA coach to wind up on the bench in Houston for both next season and the seasons to come. Its been reported that D'Antoni will sign a four year, $16 million dollar contract. D'Antoni has had his name floating around along with other coaches, including Frank Vogel who agreed to a contract with the Orlando Magic recently.

What does D'Antoni bring to the team?

Overall, the coach has had a rather hit or miss tenure in the NBA since he took his first head coaching position in the league.

His greatest success came as head coach of the Phoenix Suns, where he had Steve Nash and Stoudemire both in their prime. He jump-started the Suns offense with his run-and-gun style of play, with an emphasis on pushing the ball and getting shots off early in the shot clock. It's safe to say that after his time in Phoenix, everything since then has been on a downturn and he hasn't quite been able to duplicate this initial success in any of his other stops -- including time spent on the bench in both New York and Los Angeles.

Future for the Rockets?

There's no question that the Rockets are looking to put all their chips in the pot and bet it all on James Harden. He is the face of the franchise, and one they look to keep for the next years to come.

While Dwight Howard's future with the team remains largely up in the air, there's no question that James Harden is the main man there.

Even though Harden is easily the best player on roster, he has had issues of inconsistency throughout his career. While it's true that on any given night he can put up massive numbers, it's also true that he is a streaky shooter that has the tendency to be inconsistent -- which isn't exactly something you want to bank on if you're the front office in Houston.

With the addition of D'Antoni, it may be a temporary band-aid to put over the wound that hasn't healed since the departure of Kevin McHale, but it may not ultimately address the root cause of the wound, nor the problems that the Rockets have. Ultimately, only time will tell, but, what we do know is that D'Antoni will be in Houston for the next few years to come.

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