The Green Bay Packers are probably the most popular NFL team in the USA. Green Bay is a small city in Wisconsin and what started out as a “small town” team in 1919 has a fan base the spreads worldwide. The love of the team has been exported to the hearts of fans in countries as diverse as Egypt, Zimbabwe, and Australia.

Fans in South Africa.

Even in South Africa, where the national passion for Rugby is a culture cult and it can be dangerous to wear the wrong team tee-shirt in public, there are Green Bay Packer Fans. In a small town on the South Coast of Natal, Hendrik Van Heerden grabs the TV remote settles down with a few mates and a pack of beer to cheer on his team at every opportunity.

“I just love the way little beats big,” he told me. “The fans are fantastic, the team is gutsy, and the action is non-stop, and nobody is complaining about how many white guys are playing in the team. South African rugby is too political these days.”

American monks exported the game.

Up on the central plateau of Zimbabwe, sixty-eight-year-old Ken Blignaut told me that he had always enjoyed American Football. “When I was akid,” he said, “I went to a Franciscan College in Kitwe, Zambia. All our teachers were American monks, and yeah, we played American Football.” He enjoyed the game but admits that during his later boarding-school years in South Africa, that rugby was spoilt for him forever. "Once you play American Football, you never really get your head around rugby,” he said.

Technology brings the NFL to everyone.

Until internet technology and live streaming TV took the game across the world, fans living outside of the USA had to make do with small back-page mentions in local newspapers to keep up with the Packers, but those days are long gone. There are Facebook Green Bay Packers Fan sites in Italy, Germany, Canada, and the funniest named one of all must be Green Bay Packers in Enemy Territory.

Stories from Fans across the world.

Green Bay Packers Everywhere has a wonderful selection of stories by fans across the world who love the Packers. There are contributions from fans all over the place: Carl from Queensland, Australia waited 26 years before he was able to sit down at a real, live game.

Isaac from Ghana talks about his Green Bay Packers Tee, being his “most prized possession”. Scott Schwartz, termed a “super-fan” for Packers often hosts what he terms a “tailgate party” and his visitors’ book has been signed by fans from more than 14 different countries.

Loyal fans.

From a small boy in Ghanato a retired farmer in Zimbabwe, loyal fans across the world root for their Green Bay Packers Team. They share a love for the game that millions of fans in the USA hold dear. United with Green Bay residents by a common adoration for their team, these faraway fans are not celebrities like Styles from One Direction. Nobody is cheering their arrival in the stands and nobody lucky enough to be there even knows they exist – so next time you grab a coveted seat at the Lambeau Field, spare a thought for the ordinary, but loyal fans that’d eat a cheesehead hat to be there.

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