Green Bay Packers fans on Facebook are talking about John Kuhn. Rumors spread that his days with the Packers are over and they are moving on from him. There was no official word on Kuhn, as of 12th April, although Alstevis Squirewell had been signed on and Ripkowski placed under contract to playstarting fullback.

Massive popularity

Last April 13th, Kuhn was re-signed on a one-year contract with the Green Bay Packers. If he is not signed up for the coming season, Green Bay fans will be sorry to see him go. He has enjoyed massive popularity in Green Bay, Wisconsin ever since he signed onto the active roster back in September 2007.

Are there any fans who don’t remember the origins of the famous "Kuuuuuuhhhhhn," chant that crazy fans have enjoyed ever since the Shippensburggame, where it just started up spontaneously, every time he touched the ball? But as one fan said – he will be “sad to see him out,” but that’s his heart talking and not his head.

Milwaukee’s WTMJ.

There has been a report via Greg Matzekof WTMJ, Milwaukee, that the Green Bay Packers are going to do without him in the off-season program. Brian Jones from 247 Sports writes that Kuhn wants to continue playing, “preferably in Green Bay," but if Matzek is right, talks have come to nothing for Kuhn and he will probably have to sign up with another team.

Hectic schedule for 2016

The season is going to be full on for the Packers, and the young Ripkowski might be better placed to handle it than the older Kuhn who did a nine-year run.

According to the Packers schedule, the opening game in Jacksonville at the EverBank Field on September 11th, promises to have heat and humidity thrown into challenges they will face against Jaguars. Next up is the week 2 away game in Minnesota against the Vikings, who will be playing in their new U.S Bank stadium which will probably be well attended by Viking fans.

As Packer's senior writer, Mike Spofford mentioned, this is a hard start for the Packers, especially when you think that the last time they kicked off a season with “two road games was in 1924.”

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