Juventus journey in 2015/16 season was a real drama. Ups and downs, victories, defeats, rush hours and of coursegainingthe pole position at the end of the season resulted in a memorable season for Bianconeri fans.

Old stars departure and young talents arrival.

After beating Real Madridin 2014/15 Uefa champions Leaguesemifinal and losing to Barcelona amid fierce battles in Berlin, experienced Old Lady stars like Carlos Tevez, Andrea Pirlo alongside Chilean superstar Arturo Vidal put their footsteps at the exit doors of Juventus Stadium. The absence of such stars was aheavy loss to Allegri’s team.

He had to take the pole position in transfer season and sign on other players to fill the gaps in the Bianconeri team.

Choices seemed good.

The choices seemed magnificent and of course was raw material. ThePaulo Dybala signing was a masterpiece of Max Allegri's activities in summer transfer season. But This Argentinian Diamond needs to be decorated.Sami Khedira, Mario Mandzukic, Alex Sandro, Juan Cuadrado, Simone Zaza, Daniele Rugani and Hernanes were abunch of players that the Italian coach signed in the summer to restore his team’s strength. At first glance, it seemed the players could bridge the gaps in the Juventus midfield and attacking positions. As we reached the middle and final weeks of the season this hypothesis proved itself.

Poor start leads to unstoppable run

At the end of 10th week, the Juventus position in theCalcio Serie A table was a near disaster. The Allegri side had a turning point. The first one was in the Uefa Champions League first match at the Etihad stadium against Manchester city where Bianconeri lads took the lead from a goal behind in just eleven minutes.

The great comeback from losing the first match in the Champions League shows the potential mental ability of Turin’s young talents. The second one was the defeat to Sassuolo in the Mapei stadium. It was a shame for the champions to be at the other side of the table in Serie A. Just after the defeat Juventus' straight wins started.

Nineteen league wins in a row was the masterpiece of Allegri’s work.

The champions League drama

The Juventus Champions League journey was an unpleasant one. They were top of the table before the last game but losing to Sevilla in an away match forced the Allegri lads to play the giant side, Bayern Munich. If they finished at the top of the table they could have played a weaker side. Juventus' performance in two legs of the clash against theGuardiola side was far from positive. Mistakes by Allegri in the second leg, especially in substitutions, were the main obstacles to the Bianconeri side reaching the next stage.

Serie A season.

The Serie A season was dedicated to Pogba and Dybala in 2015/16 season.

The wonderful performance from these two superstars paves the way for the Juventus fifth straight-title win. At the start of the season, Paul Pogba turned down big offers from European giants and stayed in Turin to help the Allegri side. Paulo Dybala’s great performance reminded the Bianco Neri fans of showdowns of the legendary Alessandro Del Piero.

Looking to future.

At the end of the 2015/16 season, Juventus fans and officials hope for better future in the next season. Speculations from Barcelona and Real Madrid come out every day. The Spanish giants offered big money for Bianconeri Superstars especially Pogba, Dybala and Moratta. If Agnelli can preserve their young talent and sign another big star, the Old Lady will have a great chance of winning European titles.

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