Activision Blizzard, most known for producing the Call of Duty series, is coming up with a new way for people to enjoy watching their sports games online, and it is going to involve making a deal with the king of social media: Facebook.

The move will involve publishing live games on the platform, with plans to enact as early as next month, as was announced atthe NewFronts digital-media conference in New York. This will include not just live coverage of the games, but also featurematch highlights and statistics. Added to that,Activision Blizzard also plans amore journalistic perspective on sports as well, by offering such things as expert commentaries and interviews with players.

What will Facebook have to gain?

According to reports, Facebook is gradually beginning to find promoting e-sports to be an important priority.In return for their partnership, Facebook will give Activision Blizzard important data on viewers, which will help them better cater to their audience.Reportedly, Facebook has gained a recent interest in obtaining live programming, in order to compete with YouTube and Snapchat, and even has plans to allow users to create and post live video feed themselves.

Activision Blizzard's goals

On the other hand, Acitivision Blizzard wants to become the "ESPN" of the world of e-sports, according to a released statement. In fact, the live videos the company has planned for the merger are said to be stylistically based off of ESPN's“SportsCenter” series, and the company also hired ESPN alumniSteve Bornstein to help accomplish this goal.

This move will also help Activision Blizzard expand on their goal of producing more live content, which like Facebook, is also a growing priority for them. In one previous attempt to promote live e-sports, they had developed a feature within theirCall of Duty: Black Ops III game called the"live event viewer," which gave players the ability to watch live matches from theCall of Duty World League, which features weekly competitions from around the world.

The move into e-sports is reportedly so important to Acitivision, that they have plans to air games and tournaments from theircompetitors.

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