The Serbian tennis icon will try this year to add to his astonishing record, the only Grand Slam missing title, namely Roland Garros. With an overwhelming reign in the past two years, during which he literally tore to shreds any type of opponent within the ATP circuit, the Serb is about to plunge into the final quest. With 11 Grand Slam titles in his pocket, Novak Djokovic who turns 29 years old today is facing a historical record. Among the active players, only Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have won all the Grand Slam tournaments.

The perfect timing.

There are voices who say that the timing could not be better for the Serb.

He is in the best shape of his career; his physical yield is astounding, and the level of his sportive maturity and sharpness are also at their peak-all these reasons are going toward a favorable outcome.

Another major argument is represented by his age. At 29 years, Djokovicpossesses all the advantages to win Roland Garros but the time gap won`t stay open forever. It is well known that clay is the most demanding playing surface. From the bodily point of view, a match on clay squeezes out every bit of energy of a player. In a Grand Slam run, the amount of required effort can be tremendous. In order to win a match, a Tennis player must claim a minimum of 3 sets ( 3 out of 5 system is a rule that only applies to the Grand Slam tournaments).

The possibility of a 5 setencounter on a slow surface like clay is something to expect on a regular basis, especially because every player wants to give his best in these tournaments. The stakes are high: ATP pointsand considerableamounts of cash represents the ultimate incentive for each participant.

Regarding Djokovic, the motivational trigger has to do rather with something else, something that goes beyond materialism, namely fame and universal recognition.

A 3 times runner-up

In the past 4 years, Novak Djokovic reached on three separate occasions, the final act on the Parisian clay court. In 2012 and 2014 he made it to the finals, each time being outrun by Rafael Nadal.

According to the draw, at Roland Garros 2016, these two players may cross their paths in the semifinals. Last year, Djokovic went easily all the way to the final. His opponent, Stan Wawrinka put inperhaps the best game of his career on a clay court. Although he won the opening set, Novak was completely surpassed in the next three, thus allowing the Swiss to claim the title. It remains to be seen whether the Serb will make it to the top this year.

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