Looks like Cleveland has a championship in the bag! Seriously, yes - Cleveland! The Cleveland Cavaliers have swept the Detroit Pistons and the Atlanta Hawks on their way to the Eastern Conference Finals, shooting over 20 three-point shots in each of three postseason games.

A team the appears unstoppable.

This is a team that appears unstoppable, and has all the momentum going exactly the way they need it. They currently are headed into the Finals with two sweeps of contending teams and they left scattered records behind them in great team efforts. This is not the Lebron James show, as some seasons have been in the past for the Cavs.

Still, it is easy to see his hand in all the team efforts and it's safe to say everything hinges on him. When Lebron is hitting on all cylinders, the team around him is clicking right along. From Kyrie Irving to Kevin Love, and J. R. Smith and Channing Frye; each member of the team has picked up the pace appears determined to end the misery that Cleveland fans have had over the years.

LeBron James.

A championship for Cleveland was Lebron's initial intention when he came into the League, and probably is what led him to leave for Miami. He felt the organization was not doing enough to build up a team which could contend. That has apparently changed, because they are certainly in contention now, and Lebron appears poised to give the city what he promised a few years ago.

He and his family were always an integral part of the northeast Ohio community, but they appear even more so now. Last week, Lebron Jr. cut the ribbon on the latest and greatest roller coaster at northern Ohio's Cedar Point Amusement Park, and Lebron remains active in the Lebron James Family Foundation, which encourages education and literacy for kids.

Lebron's life is a testament to how far someone can go, no matter where they begin.

So, come on Cavs! Gotta make it happen! The city of Cleveland has waited so long for this, always there and always supporting their teams, win or lose. It's well past time for a spectacular win to light up the city!

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