Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao was elected as Senator in the recently concluded automated Philippine Election last May 9, 2016. Some 44 million people out of 55 million registered voters came out to elect the country’s national and local elective posts and one of which is to elect 12 senators which will hold the position for the next 6 years starting June 30 this year. Pacquiao acquired a whopping 15 million plus votes thus securing the 7th spot.

Not new to politics

The superstar is not new to politics. In 2013 he ran as a Congressman for his native Saranggani Province which he easily won.

Despite controversy and criticisms he received around the world for his anti same-sex marriage remarks, it didn't affect his standing on pre-election surveys. It is reported thatNikecut off their ties to the latter because ofthe saidremarks. Pacquiao has since apologized but said his views towards the issue will not change.

Boxing ring or the Senate?

Pacquiao’s recent fight was between him and Timothy Bradleyheld at theMGM Grandin Las Vegas. He won viaunanimous decision and is still the world's only pound for pound, 8-division boxing champion. Pacquiao’s biggest fight would be the one between him and Floyd Mayweather last year. Despite losing via unanimous decision, he received a hefty sum of money which made him one of the highest paid athlete that year next only to, of course, Mayweather.In the Philippines, he is also a TV personality, an endorser, a basketball player, an occasional recording artist, and a Congressman thus making him one of the richest politicians in his country.In his last fight, Pacquiao said he will retire after and will spendqualitytime with his family and pursue apolitical career.

He was criticized for being the Congressman with the lowest attendance in the Philippines’ House of Representatives. The latter then said that despite having low attendance, he had helped his constituents more than those who boast high attendance who did nothingbutfile bills. Pacquiaowas a philanthropist even before joining politics and has been doing it for quite some time now.Hehad promised to do it betternow since he will be taking a rest from boxing.

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