The Baltimore Ravens have proposed to make more plays reviewable in the NFL to fix obvious officiating errors. The Ravens’ proposal for a new review on rules has been lingering for about two months in the offices of the NFL. For many years, the NFL has done a lot to fix officiating errors as it is normal for errors to occur due to human mistakes. However, the review process that league currently holds is not quite the best as it is still evolving.

Bad calls.

Last season, the Ravens were burned with a call that was blown by the refs against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The correct call should have been a false start on the Jaguars, as the ball was snapped and that led to a face mask call on the Ravens.

The call gave the Jaguars more time to move the ball and caused the Ravens to lose the game when they could have possibly won 20-19 if the false start had been called. The Ravens lost a win that day and, because of that miscall against the Jaguars, the Ravens have proposed new rules for reviewing plays.

The Proposal.

  • The number of challenges per team should remain the same, but a third should be awarded to the team who gets both challenges right.
  • Inaccurate and eminently correctable calls should usually stand to be reviewed.

According to Baltimore’s coach John Harbaugh, the answer to these bad calls that are obviousis to simply allow them to be reviewed. According to the rules, only some calls are allowed to be reviewed due to complicated rules that apply to whistle calling.

The Ravens want to change those review rules by challenging the league about why obvious bad calls still stand.

What the NFL is doing about it

It has been reported that the league is definitely thinking about it. However, the league is not thinking about applying this proposal by the Ravens any time soon.

The NFL committee is getting together to discuss new rules for the upcoming season, but the reviewable rules will not be discussed at the level that the Ravens would like.

The reality of the evolution of the reviewable rules with the NFL is that new rules always apply, and eventually, the league will reach a status that will cover most human mistakes.

Still, the Ravens are hoping that their proposal will become a reality sooner than later.

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