Monroe in favor of Marijuana

Offensive tackle Eugene Monroe of the Baltimore Ravens has advised the NFL to use medical marijuana on injured players instead of opioids. This advice came from a personal essay that Monroe wrote for the Players’ Tribune.

The first-person essay that was published on Monday by Monroe emphasized the fact that marijuana is much more effective than what the league is currently depending on to get players back in action from injury. Monroe backs up his statement by saying that studies have proven his point of view on using marijuana on injured players.

Important facts about using Marijuana on injured players

  • It is safer
  • It is less addictive
  • It reduces opioids dependence

Additional demands by Monroe

Eugene Monroe claims that the NFL needs to stop the ban of any use of marijuana because of its advantages over opioids.

The offensive tackle wants the NFL Players Association to also do the following:

  1. To promote research on marijuana for medicinal use.
  2. To stop prescribing opioids as they can be addictive and harmful to health.
  3. Study the effects of marijuana on brain disease or CTE.

Other positive points

The Baltimore Ravens player made sure to add that he is not pushing the league to allow players to be prescribed cannabis for smoking. He simply wants the NFL to stop the screening of marijuana, so players can simply pursue treatment with cannabis for injuries.In other words, the offensive tackle is not making propaganda to allow professional Football players to smoke. However, he thinks that they should be able to seek help with cannabis treatment with the help of the league.Monroe added that players will have to be responsible in not breaking the law by getting high and such.

Players must only use marijuana for healing help and as painkillers, which turn out to be more effective and safer that opioids.

Nineteen players were suspended in 2015 for using marijuana and are now facing possible career ending blows. As for Eugene Monroe, he claims that those suspensions, unlike opioids, are useless because those players were using substances that help people, not hurt people.

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