Minute Maid Park, Houston teamed with spectatorswho sent ticket sales into the top percentile for the year. Yesterday, while the HoustonAstros welcomed the Texas Rangers to the match up on the home turf, the teams, feeling of olive branch reception was short lived when the Rangers scored over theAstros to win the game.

The MLB game began at noon and proceeded for the next hour and 10 minutes during aplay-by-play execution of the sport byhard-hitting baseball pros who, here, at the home scene, faced a tougher appraisal byfans. The home sectionspectators who pulled--with roaring clamor--for the Astros were, unfortunately, disappointed bytheir team that, by a wide scoring of points, suffered a loss to their opponent, the Texas Rangers.

Jose Altuve scores hits

In the course of the game the Astros were complimented by the expert style and display of talent by high point hitter, Jose Altuve from Venezuala. Yesterday, second baseman, Altuvebatted far under what had been expected of him, leaving the top scores to Kuechel. Kuechel was able to pull off at least one complete run, But Cole Hamels won the day withat least two scoring points.

The Astros appeared ready for the game, though, at the end of the day, their game-readiness was no match for the Rangers. The Astros' Springer, Correa, Gattis and Rasmus finished with three and four batting points, respectively, though not even their points were a match for the Rangers lowers scorers who batted up to four completes and the high fives completions for the win.

Astros could have played better game.

The Astros' Correa matched the Ranger's Stubbs for two outs. There was something in the air or was it just in the error? Astros played their best yesterday though not their best game ever. The Rangers held them off with team RISPs at six for 11 while the Astros slid to a decrescendo wit a team RISP of zero for two.

That--as they say-- is the ballgame! The Rangers win the game day with a score of 9 to the Astros' 2 points . The Astros and the Rangers, now, prepare for the next game each of the pitchers--Houston Astros,' Dallas Kuechel plans for catching up to out-score Texas Rangers' 6 wins/6 tries-Hammels for the teams'next meeting.

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