West Ham defeating Manchester United last night has guaranteed them the twentieth year in a row in the UEFA Champions League.

A huge achievement.

In itself, that is a huge achievement. Despite all the negatives that we can take from this season, it is really worth taking a moment to note that Arsene Wenger has never, in his 20-year tenure, finished below fourth position. In the 110 years before his reign, the club managed just 25 top four finishes. That’s less than a quarter. In fact, it’s roughly 23%. Arsene has managed it 100% of the time during his time at the club so far. That is an incredible achievement given the context, and Arsenal fans have to be grateful and appreciative of Wenger’s contribution to the club’s legacy regardless.

Wenger's WorstFailure?

However, in the context of the current season that is coming to a close, it has to be said that it has been another dismal failure, if not the worst. It was noted several times through various media outlets that this was possibly the best opportunity for Arsenal to win the premier league. Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City were all thoroughly out of sorts, and having shown so much promise during the middle third of the season, Arsenal was pegged as title favorites. Leicester City’s efforts were not taken seriously by many and, not wanting to take away from their remarkable achievement, inconsistency from the established big teams ensured they ‘ran away’ with the league.

Arsenal is the biggest loser from this situation. All of the established big teams had a season to forget this year, and Arsenal was arguably best poised to take advantage of the inconsistencies until they themselves became thoroughly inconsistent.

St. Totteringham's Day Cancelled.

To add insult to injury, St.Totteringham’s Day is also all but canceled for the first time under Wenger’s tenure.

To die-hard ‘gooners’, this is possibly worse than the annual capitulation of the team’s title challenge. Arsenal fans may have gotten used to always being the bridesmaid and never the bride as far as winning the premier league is concerned, but Tottenham Hotspur finishing the season above them is something only a handful of fans below the age of 30 will remember.

Many Arsenal fans born in the early 90s may even be unaware such a thing even happened.

Wenger's biggest sin this season.

This is possibly Wenger’s biggest sin this season. And he has brought it all upon himself. He raised expectations so high with what he managed to achieve in the first 8 years of his tenure that the last twelve cannot be viewed as anything other than failure, and this season has to be seen as the biggest failure of them all. But at least Arsenal are in the Champions League next season.

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