The Cameroonian Football player Patrick Ekeng aged 26, who entered the field on Friday night, collapsed on the football field in the 71st minute of the match between Dinamo Bucharest and Viitorul Constanța without being touched by anybody. He then had a cardiac arrest.

Doctors tried to resuscitate him.

He died later at Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest, after the doctors tried to resuscitate him for dozens of minutes.


The resuscitation lasted more than an hour, but the patient did not respond. Dr. Cristian Pandrea from Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest said that they do not know the cause of death at the moment. The doctor said that the patient was brought to them in an ambulance without any resuscitation maneuvers. He added that the resuscitation maneuvers initiated at the hospital lasted about an hour and 30 minutes, but unfortunately these maneuvers were unsuccessful and the patient died.


Doctors accused that they did not interven in time.

When he was asked why they didn't make the resuscitation on the football field, Liviu Batineanu, the doctor of the Dinamo club said that the resuscitation attempt was made in the ambulance. Doctors have been accused by some fans of not intervening urgently on the ground when the football player was unconscious. One of the fans said that the ambulance didn't have any doctor when it reached the destination and that the doctor was smoking a cigarette when she came along.

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Supporters gathered at the hospital.

More supporters gathered in front of the hospital and  brought  scarves and shirts with the symbols of Dinamo club as a homage to Patrick Ekeng. Samuel Eto'o, Ekeng's compatriot, said about his death: "As a soldier on the battlefield, you left in a tragic way. This is what the pictures show us. Rest in peace!". The message was written by the former Barcelona and Chelsea star on his Twitter page.

The Cordoba Club, where Patrick Ekeng performed in 15 matches and scored one goal in the 2014-2015 season said they didn't have words to express their grief about Patrick Ekeng 's death and that they will never forget him.

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