Swedish national team player was targeted by a former athletics coach. Ulf Karlsson accused Soccer star of using banned substances during the time lapse in which he played for the Italian soccer team Juventus Torino, namely 2004-2006.Ibrahimovic's physical improvement during that chunk of time represents the allegation`s main core - Ibrahimovic managed to increase his muscle mass with 10 kg in just six months, which is considered by Karlsson impossible without resorting to doping techniques. Prior to Zlatan`s arrival, The Italian club was caught in a massive doping scandal. One of his doctors was suspended for 22 months.

He was later acquitted.

Ibrahimovic`s agent statement

These accusations could not have been left without a prompt response. Ibrahimovic's agent, namely Mino Raiola, replied that Ulf Karlsson will face a lawsuit if he doesn`t give up these groundless accusations. Karlsson stated that in spite of any trace of solid evidence, he is pretty sure that Swedish soccer star used banned substances to boost up his muscle mass.

Moreover, according to ESPN, Raiola said his client has been tested many times without being detected any shred of prohibited substances. Regarding the time lapse spent at Juventus, Raiola said that in that time, Ibrahimovic has been tested 15-20 times without fail any test.

Swedish Federation response came shortly after.

National team manager, Lars Richt asked Ulf Karlsson to come up with solid evidence in support of his latest statements.

A quick glance over Ibrahimovic`s career

Zlatan Ibrahimovic began his climbing to the mount of glory inNetherlands. In the early 2000s, playing for Ajax Amsterdam, Ibra has put in a rare talent.

Over the years, his tricks with the ball, and acrobatic executions have made him a true symbol of European soccer.Thanks to his skill it came to be compared to Marco van Basten, the Dutch football legend from the 80s and early 90s.

Throughout his career, Zlatan Ibrahimovic played for Malmo (Sweden), Ajax Amsterdam (Netherlands), Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan (Italy), FC Barcelona (Spain).In 2012,he signed a deal with Paris Saint-Germain which comes to an end this summer.

It remains to be seen whether the 35-year-old Swede will seek another challenge in terms of soccer.

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