The end of 2013 brought in someterrible news for Formula 1 fans. Michael Schumacher suffered an extremely severe head injury from an accident that took place on a ski slope in the Alps. What followed was truly tumultuous. At the hospital in Grenoble, France, where he was immediately transported, a real fleet of journalists gathered with the hope of grasping any piece of information, no matter how small, about the evolution of Schumacher’s health condition.

During the timetablefollowing the tragic event, the entire media wave was transposed into a bombardment of the so-called news. Michael’s family, especially his wife Kehm, threatened they would take legal action against those who spread false news about Michael.

A widely criticized hoax

At the beginning of this month, on April Fool’s Day, a media publication, namely Sports Rageous went so far that it actually published a story according to which the former Formula 1 grand champion was recovering very well, and even more, that he was eager to return to F1 competitions as soon as possible. Due to numerous critics, the article was subsequently removed. This type of approach is blameworthy for many reasons:

  • The magazine attempted to attract a significant number of readers through a media strategy that was based on deceit.
  • This type of stories are directly related to what fans wish for, and the publication in question deliberately manipulated this thing.

The family remains the only trustworthy source

When it comes to Schumacher’s recovery, his family and close friends remain the main suppliers of information and reliable press releases.

Michael Schumacher is currently at his residence in Switzerland, far away from public eye. As it was previously mentioned, recovery is a slow process which requires patience and abnegation from all those involved.

In the two decades when he was in contact with Formula 1, Schumacher won 7 world titles, a unique performance in the history of this sport.

He also won a total of 91 races, which is another record for F1.

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