Eugenie Bouchard has been pushing herself ever since the beginning of last year to regain the pace of play she had throughout 2014. Although she lost contact with the top of the WTA ranking, the 22-year-old Tennis player still remains one of the great hopes in the women’s circuit. Her skills amazed the world in 2014, when from a barely known player she became a true star.

For more than a few months Bouchard has been stuck somewhere between WTA No.40 and WTA No.50, with promising performances followed by matches lacking any spark.

The meteoric rise to WTA No.5

In 2014 Eugenie Bouchard accomplished a fabulous series of victories, especially in Grand Slam tournaments.

Throughout that season she played in the Australian Open and Roland Garros semifinals, in the Wimbledon final, and she also made it to the 4th round of the US Open. The less convincing result in the US Open is basically the beginning of her decline. From that point on, the Canadian player started to have constant failures. Given that there aren’t many tournaments after the US Open until the end of the year, the result of her collapse wouldn’t be noticed until 2015, when her thousands of points vanished in a few months.

Thus, from5th place shewould become an average player who no longer impressed anyone.

The unfortunate incident at the 2015 US Open

Bouchard made it to the 4th round in last year’s US Open edition.

It was basically the best period of the season for the Canadian player. She was supposed to play against Roberta Vinci in the next round, but she suffered a head injury while she was in the locker room area. Bouchard accused the organizers of negligencesince the floor had been wet. This is the reason why Bouchard sued the USTA (United States Tennis Association).

Bouchard had another promising start in 2016. She made it to the quarterfinals in the Shenzhen tournament in January, followed by a final at Hobart International and despite the fact that she was in control of the game, she inexplicably surrendered to Alize Cornet.

The Premier category tournament in Charleston is the Canadian player’s next competition.The good news is that she has resumed working with the coach who made her a star back in 2014.

At Charleston,Nick Saviano, one of the best coaches in the WTA circuit, reappeared in the lodge for coaches.

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