Roger Federer has been absent from the ATP circuit for the past two months. The main reason was a knee surgery, followed by the normal recovery period. Last week fans hoped they would see him again on the Miami Tennis court, but the Swiss player had to withdraw again before the opening match due to a digestive infection.

Monte Carlo will probably be the place for his returning

Many expects Roger Federer to play the first official match in the Masters Series tournament at Monte Carlo. However, the Swiss player’s performance may be lower than expected after such a period of rest. Just before the Miami tournament, Federer had announced that he would not force himself too hard when he returned.

The reasons are related to his physical shape (a too alert pace may overstress his body and lead to another injury), but they are also part of his strategy for this season, his entire agenda revolving around the Rio Olympics.

Besides, Federer isn’t the best player on the red clay court, the slowest playing surface in the circuit. Although he reached outstanding performances on the clay court as well, the Swiss player is obviously inconvenienced by the style of playing required on this surface. The clay court is suited for players with an above average physical endurance.

Roger Federer will compete after a two-month break. Moreover, he turns 35 this year, a more than honorable age considering the level he still manages to play.

The sorcery returns to the tennis court

Even though he won’t force himself too hard, Roger Federer will definitely charm the audience. Throughout his impressive career, The Swiss player knew how to be a “one-man show” even in the matches he lost. On countless occasions, his shots defied the laws of gravity and dynamics, dazzling the audience.

Besides, Federer has almost always known how to keep some mystery around him. He is one of the players whose playing strategy varies from one match to another. While in some matches he teases his opponents with drop-shots, in others he counts on backhands, forehands down the lines, many cross-court shots and so on.

Roger Federer is toying with his opponents

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