The American Tennis player, Venus Williams, was defeated in Charleston by Yulia Putintseva (Kazakhstan). It was the first victory for Kazakh tennis player against Venus. The two tennis players have met on three other occasions, but each time Venus won.

In Charleston, Premier category event, Venus was 3rd on the list of seeded players. In spite of this leverage, Venus passed by one more chance to win her 50th WTA title.It would have been a tremendous achievement. In the all-time ranking regarding the number of WTA title won the leadership chair is held by Martina Navratilova with 167 titles followed by Chris Evert with 157 trophies and Steffi Graf with 107.

Venus`s younger sister, Serena Williams has a total of 69 WTA title in her pocket.

A three hours thriller won by the youngster

The clash between these players extended on a three hours thrilling match. In the opening set both player had difficulty in keeping their own service. So, the set went to a tie-break where Putintseva ( WTA no.61) managed to keep her emotions on hold and then took the set.

The second set was controlled in its most part by Venus Williams. She broke her opponent serve twice and then captured the set 6-2. Putintseva desire to not quit without a fight was obvious during the second set last points. Prior to her surrender, Putintseva managed to save four set points.

In the decisive set, things were spectacular.

In the first half of it, neither player was able to take control. However, at some point, Venus`s physical boundaries, as well as her age were the weakness of which Putintseva desperately needed. The player from Kazakhstan won the final set 6-4 after a fully three hours of high-quality tennis.

An amazing career for Venus

Venus Williams will turn 36 this summer. She has been around WTA circuit since 1994 when she turned to the pro. She was just 14 back then. In women`s singles contest, she won five times Wimbledon (2000, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2008) and twice U.S. Open (2000, 2001). In doubles, along with her sisterSerena Williams captured five times Wimbledon, four times Australian Open, twice Rolland Garros and also twice US Open.

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