Conor McGregor, the UFC Featherweight champion, was recently pulled from the main event at UFC 200. The news of McGregor being pulled from the event came shortly after he announced on Twitter that he decided to retire young.

The reason why Dana White, the president of the UFC, decided to remove McGregor from UFC 200 was because the champion refused to do some promotional work leading up to UFC 200, which is going to be held on July 9 in Las Vegas.

However, this Monday McGregor took to social media and announced that he was back on the card and would be fighting Nick Diaz. McGregor also gave a shout out to Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta, one of the owners of Zuffa, LLC., UFC's parent company.

As of now, the UFC has confirmed that the McGregor and Diaz fight was going ahead as planned.

Last week, during a press conference, White said that the UFC tries to give leeway on things, but fighters still have to promote the fight. He added that many fighters in the organization come from various parts of the world to promote their fights and promoting their fights is part of their job.

White said that they gave McGregor plenty of opportunities and that he respected him as a fighter and that he liked him, but he still had to show up and do these sorts of things.

McGregor did say last week that he would be willing to travel to New York the following week to do a UFC news conference to promote his fight at UFC 200.

A timely rematch

If McGregor does fight at UFC 200, then he would be stepping into the octagon with Diaz for the second time. The two fought in the past, and McGregor was defeated in the second round via submission.

The featherweight champion was set to face Rafael dos Anjos, the lightweight champion, for Anjos's title at UFC 196.

However, dos Anjos suffered an injury and he pulled out of the fight. Diaz stepped in for dos Anjos on a short notice and handed the featherweight champion his first UFC loss.

McGregor has been on a roll since entering the Ultimate Fighting Championship and in December, he knocked out Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds of the first round to become the featherweight champion.

The fight was the quickest knockout in a title fight in the UFC.

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