Bruce Boudreau, the coach of Anaheim Ducks, still remembers when he saw goalkeeper Frederik Andersen take a strong slap shot from the captain of Nashville team Shea Weber.“These things definitely do hurt a lot,” commented Boudreau.

A trainer from the team went to check on Frederik Andersen, who hasn’t been playing for seven games due to a concussion he suffered in March. Andersen played in the game and was able to make twenty seven successful saves as the Anaheim Ducks beat the Nashville Predators by 3-0 in the first-roundgames.

Andersen, who currently has sixteen wins since the year 2014, explained to the press that this is something that they have been working really hard for.

He also explained that they have been training really hard for a while and were able to succeed once they got a chance to.

Andersen, who began in the net after John Gibson suffered from two losses in the city of Anaheim, posted his 2nd playoff shutout even though he was hurt by the slap shot he received from Weber. Weber won the most difficult shot competition during the NHL All-Star Game which took place in January.Chris Stewart was also able to achieve a goal and help Jamie McGinn in scoring their first goals.

Game four

The city of Nashville is going to host game four on Thursday night.The Nashville Predators returned to their city with a score of 2-0 in the post-season. However, the team is currently suffering from a serious loss that is definitely going to impact them.

The Predators lost Craig Smith to an injury after he played for sixty five seconds only in two shifts, leaving the coach of the team Peter Laviolette to figure out what to do and mix his lines up.

Laviolette explained that there isn’t an excuse to the way that they performed and that they are just going to learn from this and perform better in their next games to prove themselves.The crowd was completely sold out and continuously tried to cheer for the Predators and give them a boost.

However, sloppy play, a lot of turnovers, and missed chances led to a loss that the predators definitely have to regroup from.

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