Rafael Nadal, currently undergoinga substantial recovery afterthe two ATP titles he won on clay seems to be eager to solve his problems outside the Tennis court as well. A few weeks ago, during the media tumult caused by Maria Sharapova’s suspension, a former French minister, namely Roselyne Bachelot, stated that the Iberian player’s absence in 2015 (Nadal was absent from the ATP circuit for 7 months due to an injury) had been caused by a positive result in an anti-doping test, and that the Spanish player preferred to come up with the story of getting injured in order to hide his breach of the ITF and WADA regulations.

Nadal has relentlessly asserted his innocence

The Spanish star, the winner of 14 Grand Slam tournaments throughout his career, declared countless times that the accusations were unsubstantiated, groundless and that they showed a complete lack of responsibility. The Iberian also expressed his disappointment, arguing that he hadn’t expected such an attack made by a former senior official of the French government.

To support her claims, Roselyne Bachelot also stated that such methods of masking positive tests through alleged injuries weren’t a novelty to the professional circuit.

A lawsuit on French soil

Given that the court action was filed in Paris, Rafael Nadal stated that in case he won the court dispute against Bachelot, the amounts won as compensation for damage would be redirected to NGOs and charitable foundations located in France.

From this lawsuit, Nadal certainly doesn’t wish to gain any material advantages for himself. In this regard, his tennis accomplishments have brought him tens of millions of euros over the years, without counting the significant amounts he earned from commercials, sponsorship agreements etc.

It’s possible that the Spaniard wishes to cut off every factor that might distract him, especially at this point when his game has started to shine once again.

The two important titles won in Barcelona and Monte Carlo this month stand as clear evidence of this.

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