The Tennis season is almost exclusively moving to Europe. Both the ATP and the WTA competitions will take place for the most part in various locations within Europe. The clay season will make the headlines until the beginning of summer. There are important tournaments to be held in Rome, Madrid, Barcelona and Stuttgart and Roland Garros.

When it comes to the second Grand Slam of the year, the news sounds great: the prize pool in the Rolland Garros substantially increased compared to last year, with approximately 14%.

Several convincing figures

According to the website, the participants in this year’s edition will benefit from significant financial incentives.

Guy Forges, none other than the director of Rolland Garros, stated that the financial efforts were massive, but also necessary, given the fact that the other tournaments have also significantly increased their prize money for participants.

The director of the tournament also stated that additional financial incentives were considered for the participants who were to leave the competition in the first rounds. So, the players who are eliminated until de 4th round will gain 15-20% more on the average than they would’ve gained last year.

For example, in both the men’s and women’s singles competitions, a player who gets eliminated from the main draw in the first round will be awarded EUR 30 000.

The compensations for the other rounds are as follows (all amounts in EURO):

  • 2nd round - 60 000
  • 3rd round- 102 000
  • 4th round- 173 000
  • Quarterfinals- 294 000
  • Semifinals- 500 000
  • Runner-up- 1 000 000
  • Winner – 2 000 000

According to the figures, only in the last few years, the Rolland Garros prize pool increased by almost 70%.

What stimulates this growth

From another perspective, the increase in the amounts is directly proportional this sport’s increase in popularity throughout the world. Tennis is one of the most watched sports. The ATP and WTA tournaments are broadcast by sports TVs from all over the world.There is no doubt that this exposure translates into huge amounts of incomes generated by the sale of TV rights.

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