Novak Djokovic managed to win the Masters 1000 tournament in Miami. His victory against the Japanese player Kei Nishikori makes him the all-time leader in terms of the number of Masters 1000 tournaments ever won.The record was held by Rafael Nadal, with no less than 27 trophies. Roger Federeris next in the ranking, with 24 won titles.

A totally unbalanced match

The Key Biscayne final was completely controlled by the Serbian. The Japanese player (the 6th seed) tried as hard as he could to live up to Djokovic’s level, but with no success. After less than an hour and a half of playing, the Serbian dominated the Tennis court in two symmetrical sets 6-3 3-3.

The knee injury suffered by Nishikori (ATP No.7) in the second set isliving proof of the fact that Djokovic exhausts his opponents. Although Nishikori saved a few match points, that’s all he could do.

This duel was interesting from a tactical point of view: both players use two-handed backhand shots quite often. Djokovic knew how to control this aspect and forced the Japanese player to play many forehand shots. The result was disappointing for Nishikori: he often hit the balls totally wrong on the forehand side.

Djokovic gets inside the world records` vortex

The 28-year-old Serbian player is already one of the great names in the history of tennis. Novak is nevertheless in a continuous battle with himself in order to keep his motivation alive, as we could also see from the match against the Japanese.

The Miami trophy is his 6th triumph in Florida and it’s also the 66th trophy in his career. Moreover, the prize of nearly 1 million dollars collected by the winner helped Djokovic surpassanother barrier – in terms of money earned solely from tennis, Djokovic outranked Federer by earning slightly over 98 million dollars.

In the future, Djokovic surely considers the Swiss player’s record regarding the number of won Grand Slams. 17 is not that far away. The Serbian player already has 11, but his enviable physical shape seems to allow him a few more years of playing at the highest level in the ATP circuit.

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