Kobe Bryant was celebrated today for his last game. And in his celebration, there's also talk of a movie. Whenever there are biographies involved, usually, its creators attempt to pick a bio-pic which resembles the honoree. Yet, that doesn't always turn out the way creatorshope. Do you think Kobe's movie would be any different?

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight - Canada, Kobewas asked who he'd like to see ashis character in the movie. According to the source, they figured Drake could portray Bryant. See what Kobe had to say about that below.

Of course, Kobe wasn't exactly feeling that suggestion.

Obviously, there's a significant differenceinthe skin complexion between Drake and Bryant, alone. However, the NBA legend jokingly recommended Wiz Khalifa as his body double for the movie. The stipulation: if Wiz could have the production team temporarily remove his tattoo work, it could be a "go."

Who should really play Kobe Bryant?

However, there's definitely public speculation that Michael B. Jordan could play Kobe Bryant's character. He assuredlywould fit the bill more than Drake or Wiz Khalifa, anyway. During a commercial for Apple TV, Kobe and Jordan argued over the potential movie role. Many people believe the commercial is actuallya hint toward an upcoming move. You can watchBryant's commercial for yourself below.

Interestingly enough, last year, Jordan was asked about a Bryant movie. He agreed that it was definitely time for one. However, he also noted that he wasn't the one to play Bryant's role. It's something how circumstancescan change so quickly, right?

Were you surprised about Kobe Bryant's retirement?

While Kobe's last game was on April 13, according to TMZ, Jordan mentioned that he wasn't shocked that Bryant was ending his reign.

For the most part, he stated that it was time for it to happen. He didn't state it, condescendingly. However, he just implied that the NBA legend is a certified veteran. And, it's about that time.

What are your thoughts about Kobe Bryant's last game? Do you think Michael B. Jordan will play Bryant if there's a movie in the works?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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