Thurman ready to take the reigns after Mayweather retirement

After being snubbed last year as a potential opponent, Keith Thurman said his path to superstardom might still involve Floyd Mayweather Jr. somehow, albeit in a completely different capacity than he had hoped.

“I want to be the next superstar" said Thurman. "I want to be the main attraction. That’s definitely what I desire for me and for my career. But one thing I believe is that people who keep looking for how that void [left by Mayweather’s retirement] will be filled, what they don’t understand is that Mayweather didn’t become Mayweather overnight.”

Thurman noted Mayweather’s star power did not equal the lofty heights of histalent level until he faced Oscar De La Hoya in 2007.

Mayweather went on to have arguably the most lucrative, and perhaps even successful, boxing career in history, but it didn’t happen all at once.

“From there he just kept building and building, beating champion after ex-world champion after champion after champion. And he just constantly showcased his skills and his talent to the world. And you know what? He still didn’t make the [huge] amount of money that he was able to make until it was the end of his career.”

Thurman conceded that since he can’t seem to get Mayweather into the ring to fight him, he’ll instead focus on trying to follow the same kind of path Mayweather took.Thurman is scheduled to face once-beaten Shawn Porter, a former welterweight titleholder, on June 25th for Thurman’s WBA welterweight championship.

It perhaps should be noted that Porter is considered by most to be much better competition than Mayweather’s last opponent, Berto, just one of the many welterweights who would have made a more logical choice as a final opponent.

No matter. To Thurman, what’s done is done, and Porter represents just one more step up the staircase to wherehis dreams come true, that long and winding road to boxing immortality.

It seems Thurman is set to become the new face of the sport with a retired Mayweather and an aging Pacquiao, and he is clearly up to the task.

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