Troy Brouwer was successful in his rebound which led to a third period tie and the Blues advancing to the second playoffs round. This is first time they have been that successful in four seasons. The blues also eliminated the Stanley Cup winners Blackhawks in game seven on Monday.

Brouwer, who has previously played in the Blackhawks cup, was among the expert additions to a team attempting to breakthrough. The goal he put at 8:31 was among his first in twenty four games since the year 2013.

"I think this is the ugliest goal I've ever put," stated Brouwer, who currently has a total of 8 playoff goals, "but still the timeliest goal I have been able to score."

Chicago missed their opportunity to tie it when Seabrook's shot hitboth posts with three minutes left.

First time since2012

This is the first instance the Blues have been able to advance to the second round since 2012. Back then, they were able to win San Jose in five games but then lost four straight to Los Angeles. They go forward to play against Dallas, the champion of the Western Conferenceduring the second round.

"Even though we had a successful win, we still aren’t where we should be" Brouwer stated. "We would like to still be playing in a month."

The Blackhawks were able to win 2 of the 5 cups they’ve played in. St. Louis was trained by Joel Quenneville during the last time it participated in a Game seven, which led to a loss in front of Vancouver during 2003.

"To coach it, to play in it, to strategize in it, it was a lot of fun" Ken Hitchcock, coach of the Blues explained.

The Blues were able to win the Blackhawks by four points during the first 7-3 in the first stage of the series, but the Chicago team was in the lead during the second period with eight points. That consisted of the first 3 of 5 unanswered goals in Game six.

Blues star Vladimir Tarasenko wasn’t a significant factor in winning as many predicted.

He entered his locker room for two and a half minutes for unknown reasons and this is the second time this has happened during the series.

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