Former World Series winning pitcher and baseball analyst for ESPN, Curt Schilling, has found his name in the headlines over the last week. After recently getting fired by ESPN for posting anti-transgender memes to his Facebook account, Schilling came out in favor of Republican front runner Donald Trump, but he doesn't appear totally sold just yet.

Schilling on Trump

The controversial Schilling has made no secret where his political affiliation lies since retiring from baseball as a member of the Boston Red Sox in 2007. According to his official Facebook page, Schilling describes himself as a "Conservative pro life pro 2nd amendment American who wants to help those that cannot help themselves." Schilling spoke about these issues and more during an interview with Breitbart News on SirusXM on Thursday night, as reported by The Hill on April 28.

"The only person I can honestly see sitting in the White House is Donald Trump as a leader," the former major league pitcher said, but pointed out one condition that he needs to start seeing. "I need him to start acting like a leader," Schilling stated, "Listen, I get it. You're going to make America great again. I believe it."

Schilling's biggest issue with Trump is his lack of details, explaining that Trump doesn't need to "talk trash" about people, when he could be going into detail about his policies.

Elaborating on his decision to offer his support, Schilling said Trump "loves this country, and he will defend this country."

Schilling's bad week

In response to recent bathroom bill laws passed in North Carolina and Mississippi, the staunch conservative and right-wing Christian has been vocal with his opposition to allowing transgender men and women from using the bathroom that corresponds with the gender they identify with, as opposed to the sex they were born with.

After he was let go by the network, Schilling was quick to lash out against ESPN, claiming they employee some of the biggest "racists" on TV. Schilling was also in the news earlier this week when he posted a meme of the recently deceased musician Prince, that falsely attributed a now debunked quote of the singer bashing the Democratic party.

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