Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the very definition of a living legend. He has made the transition to Hollywood superstar unlike any WWE performer before him. As one of the most iconic starsin the history of pro Wrestling, an important part of The Rock's wrestling legacy will be the huge role he played atWrestleMania over the course of his career.

The Rock will be making an appearance at WrestleMania 32in Dallas, but there is no indication that it will be any more significant than his appearances at the last twoManias, which were merely in-ring promos with some other very iconic superstars.

What follows is just one part of a series of "WrestleManiaRésumé" articles in which we take a look at a current or former WWE Superstar's history atWrestleMania (such as Daniel Bryan), and what it might tell us about that (or a similar) competitor at WrestleMania 32in Dallas.

WrestleMania record

At 5-5, The Rock's overallWrestleManiarecord doesn't seem that impressive. One of those losses was as part of a tag team with Mankind, and the other came in a Fatal 4-Way after The Rock scored the initial pinfall.

In an unofficial capacity, The Rock was largely responsible for the outcome ofWrestleMania 27, as he restarted the main event, which resulted in The Miz retaining the WWE Championship with a pinfall over John Cena. AtWM30 andWM31, his appearances were entertaining, with moments that included surprise face-to-face encounters with some of the biggest names in WWE (and UFC).

Title matches

6 of The Rock's 10Mania matches were for a title. In his first two appearances, atWrestleMania 13 and14, he defended the Intercontinental Championship, and left with the title both times. And while The Rock has competed for the WWF/WWE Championship atWrestleMania on four occasions (twice as the champion, twice as a challenger), he has never left with the biggest prize in the game.

Even if he's never left with the gold, his interaction with John Cena and The Miz atWrestleMania 27indirectly cost Cena the match, which then began a feud that would last until the the second half of their back-to-backMania bouts.

Main event matches

While WWE likes to advertise double or even triple main events atWrestleMania, the true main event honor goes to the match that happens last.

That's happened 5 times for The Rock, includingWM14-16 and thenWM28andWM29 as well.

Despite the fact that it was the third-to-last match of the night, many considered The Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 18to have been the biggest match on the card. AtWrestleMania 19, he competed against Steve Austin, a match that could easily headlineMania any year.

Worthy competition

The Rock has defeated arguably the three most popular wrestlers of the last three generations in singles matches atWrestleMania: Hogan, Austin, and Cena. He also holds a victory over Ken Shamrock. He lost to Triple H in the Fatal 4-Way that also included Mankind and Big Show, and then lost to Evolution (sans HHH) in a handicap match with Foley.

The only truly forgettable opponent The Rock faced at Maniawas The Sultan atWM13. The list of his opponents is pretty epic: Austin, Hogan, Cena, Triple H, Foley, Ric Flair, Batista, Randy Orton, Big Show, and Ken Shamrock.

WrestleMania moment(s)

Younger fans will probably point toWrestleMania 28 as The Rock's greatest "WrestleMania Moment," while older fans might argue that his match at WrestleMania X-8was even more epic.They're both incredibly huge moments. But it would take victories over guys like Cena and Hogan to make a victory over Austin take 3rd place.

Predictions forWrestleMania 32

While WWE could really have used The Rock in a match atWrestleMania 32, my guess is that his involvement will be closer to what he did in Atlanta when he cost Cena the title.

This time, however, it will be an assist for his cousin, Roman Reigns.

WrestleMania 32 airs live on the WWE Network on April 3rd.

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